Wintercharme in Copenhagen (uk)

Copenhagen this time of year can be gray and dull. Fortunately, we go towards brighter times, and until then, let’s enjoy the things that make winter special and cozy in Denmark. Here is our proposal for a cold February day at Østerbro and Nordhavn.

Treat yourself to a meal at Buvette in Nordhavn

Which is perfectly located so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the water while having lunch. Sit in the warm ambiance and spoil all your senses at the same time. And why not dolike me and pick a classic; Caesar salad, which is simple and superb. The salad was crisp, the chicken tasty and most importantly is was all covered in a pillow of flavorful parmesan –you can never have to much of that if you ask me!
Finally, try one of their sparkling rhubarb or elderflower lemonades. It was a perfect fresh combination with the salad.The atmosphere is intimate and the decor is expressive –clearly the have great love for the details in terms of both food and décor.In generel theirmenu is quite simpel and that makes is easy to choose. In my opinion many restaurant often have way to many options and here they really focus on the quality.I simply love that on the last page of the menu, they offer the opportunity for a guest to writea recommendation for the next guest –sweet, fun and a nice gesture.

The next stop wasa local gem on Viborggade -Victoria’s 

They havecreated such a cozy and warm universe–you simply can’t do anything but surrender. Fudge that melts on the tongue, wooden puzzles, woolen plaids, scented soaps and hand creams of the best quality. There is also a great deal of emphasis on pampering the men with aftershave, cologne, cashmere socks and other delights. The small shop is simply an orgy of charm, warmth and intimacy -as well as service.

Beautiful styles from N24

Even though itis cold, the wardrobe may well suit the color of everyday life. At N24 you will find a handpicked selection of beautiful styles. It’s easy to find an all-round outfit with a pair of the classy classic boots and beautiful dresses -perfect for both everyday and partying. The art here is to be able to limit yourself, because there are really many lovely colors and the prices are good.

A cafe you must visit is Aurelia.

Here you can get hot coffee, muffins and intimate local ambiance. The owner Katja knows pretty much everyone who walks in the door to the little oasis. The passion for the guests is just as great as what is laid out in the decor and yes, the beautiful mint green wallpaper with the fine gold details.In addition, it is the only place we have experienced to get glitter in the cocoa and not least on the small adorable cakes -and yes, it just tastes better with a little sparkle in everyday life.

My friends and I work daily to bring some of our favorite local spot to your attention. I hope that you’ll find and enjoy some of the places that we have collected. I you are going to Copenhagen or are in Copenhagen, I hope that you have a wonderful time. Please reach out to us if you need some help or have questions about our lovely city. 

Find all of our favorite spots on our app – City Hearts.  
– you’ll love it. 

Have fun


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