Four memorable coffee experiences (uk)

Denmark is the fourth most coffee drinking nation in the world. We simply love that black opium. In Copenhagen many of our cafes clams that they have ‘the best coffee in town’ – and they probably do.

Denmark is the fourth most coffee drinking nation in the world. We simply love that black opium. In Copenhagen many of our cafes clams that they have ‘the best coffee in town’ – and they probably do. However, since we are all have a different taste, I think that it’s hard to say who has the best coffee in town. So many places serves delicious coffee and have studied the craft to perfection. In this little coffee guide I will not show you where to get the best coffee in town. What I will show you, is where to get the most memorable coffee experience in town

The Culture Tower – Coffee with a 360-degree view (Danish: Kulturtårnet) 

Culturetower – 360-degree view over the harbor of Copenhagen
Photo: Louise Neupert

Kulturtårnet is located in the middle of the bridge between the city center and Christians harbor. This tower once where the place where the bridge was controlled. Today it hosts concerts, exhibitions, a summer restaurant and more. From Wednesday to Sunday you can stop by in the afternoon for at cup of homebrewed coffee and the most spectacular 360-degree view over the harbor of Copenhagen. It’s fun to see some of the big sights from a different angle, and you can sit  and relax with a friend og a good book at the top floor both in- and outside. 
Knippelsbro 2, 1400 København K 

The swans – waterbikes with a urban feeling (Danish: Svanerne) 

One of the funniest ways you can drink your coffee is in one of the waterbikes on Peblinge lake. Peblinge Lake is one of four lakes located between the city center and Nørrebro and Østerbro (two lovely neighborhoods by the way). Here you can rent a swan-waterbike at Kaffesalonen (the coffee salon) and sail around in the lake. It’s at great and different way to feel the busing and urban vibe from the city. The coffee is good (the wine even better 😉 ) and the experience it romantic, fun and unique. 
Peblinge Dossering 7, København N 

Café Aurelia – Coffee, glitter and passion 

The cutest little place on Østerbro. Here you’ll feel like a princess with a crown and everything. Take a seat in the throne and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a little glitter on top. It’s local, it’s intimate and you feel the passion from the sweet owner Katja as soon as you walk in the door. We love this place and hope you’ll too.    
Sankt Kjelds Plads 6, København Ø 

Bakkehuset – a golden age timepucket on Frederiksberg 

Bakkehuset is where H.C. Andersen and many other poets from the golden age used to drink their coffee. You can feel the romantic vibe as soon as you walk through the garden gate. Explore the beautiful green orangery and the old yellow mansion surrounded by the lovely garden.   
Closed in winter.  
Rahbeks Alle 23, Frederiksberg 

My friends and I work daily to bring some of our favorite local spot to your attention. I hope that you’ll find and enjoy some of the places that we have collected. I you are going to Copenhagen or are in Copenhagen, I hope that you have a wonderful time. Please reach out to us if you need some help or have questions about our lovely city. 

Find all of our favorite spots on our app – City Hearts.  
– you’ll love it. 

Have fun 


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Pernille Olsen, 31 The last six years I have been the travel planner in my family. By creating and working with City Hearts I have combined the joy of planning a trip with my love for the city that I live in. My favorite things to do in Copenhagen is to meet up with my boyfriend after work and chill on a bar with a glass of wine or a beer. I love the ‘down-to-earth’ vibe that the local places in the city give and I love the fact that I live in a city where it’s possible to jump in the harbor on a hot summer day.

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